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Instant messaging applications ARE ALSO FOR BRANDS

Aplicaciones de mensajería instantánea

h Nowadays, interaction with potential customers is key for any brand. Therefore, your company should join the instant messaging applications most used by consumers...

We are referring to Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. At the end of the day, it is about accepting that platforms change, but your brand must always be omnichannel so that potential customers can communicate with it easily.

WhatsApp is, after all, the most popular instant messaging application in the world, with 2 billion monthly active users, according to data revealed in February 2021. Over the years this Facebook-owned platform has evolved to integrate more tools to connect to its millions of users around the world, and in the business area it leads with WhatsApp Business…

That is why WhatsApp Business More than a free downloadable application, it was designed to meet the needs of small businesses. With this app, it is very easy to communicate with your customers, teach them about your products and services, and answer any questions they have during the shopping experience. Create a catalog to showcase your products and services, and use special tools to automate, sort, and respond to messages quickly.

WhatsApp can also be useful for medium and large businesses as they can use it to provide customer service and send important notifications to their customers.


WhatsApp Business, in addition to sending text, publishing statuses and offers for 24 hours, sharing videos, documents and video calls with your work team that we already know from WhatsApp, also allows you to:

Useful information for your customers, such as a description of your business, address, email, and website.

With Quick Replies, you can save and reuse frequently sent messages to quickly and easily answer common questions like: Where are they located? What are your opening hours? What payment methods do you receive?
Organize your contacts or chats with labels to be able to find them easily, for example: North Zone Clients, VIP Clients, Frequent Clients, etc.
You can set up an away message when you can't respond to let your customers know when they will receive a response. You can also create a welcome message to introduce your customers to your company.
With end-to-end encryption, your messages and calls are protected so that only the people you communicate with can read or listen to them, without anyone else, not even WhatsApp, being able to do so.

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